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TOPIC: Howto Setup correctly .ES TLD in WHMCS

Howto Setup correctly .ES TLD in WHMCS 5 years 9 months ago #214

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Hi All,

Still having issues while registering dot ES domains with ResellerClub (or any other LogicBoxes Registrar) and WHMCS? Follow these instructions to setup correctly dot ES domains:

1. Open you english.php file and add these translations:
$_LANG['estldlegalentitytype'] = "Legal Entity Type";
$_LANG['estldidformtype'] = "ID Form Type";
$_LANG['estldidformnum'] = "ID Form Number";
$_LANG['passportorvat'] = "Passport Number or VAT ID";
$_LANG['niecard'] = "Spanish Resident alien Number (NIE)";
$_LANG['nifcifcard'] = "Spanish Company VAT number (NIF / CIF)";
$_LANG['dnicard'] = "Spanish National Personal ID (DNI)";
$_LANG['organismopublico'] = "Public Limited Company / Corporation";
$_LANG['asociacionlegal'] = "Association";
$_LANG['sociedadcooperativa'] = "Cooperative";
$_LANG['sociedadcomanditaria'] = "Limited Partnership";
$_LANG['sociedadcolectiva'] = "Farm Partnership";
$_LANG['sociedadsau'] = "Worker-owned Company";
$_LANG['sociedadsa'] = "Spanish (company) Branch";
$_LANG['sociedadslu'] = "Worker-owned Limited Company";
$_LANG['sociedadsl'] = "Limited Liability Company";
$_LANG['autonomo'] = "Autonomous worker";
$_LANG['particular'] = "Natural person or individual";
2. Open you spanish.php file and add these translations:
$_LANG['estldlegalentitytype'] = "Razón Social";
$_LANG['estldidformtype'] = "Documento de Identificación";
$_LANG['estldidformnum'] = "Número de Identificación";
$_LANG['passportorvat'] = "Nº Pasaporte";
$_LANG['niecard'] = "Tarjeta de Residencia (NIE)";
$_LANG['dninifcifcard'] = "DNI / NIF / CIF";
$_LANG['dnicard'] = "DNI";
$_LANG['organismopublico'] = "Organismo Público";
$_LANG['asociacionlegal'] = "Asociación Legal";
$_LANG['sociedadcooperativa'] = "Sociedad Cooperativa";
$_LANG['sociedadcomanditaria'] = "Sociedad Comanditaria";
$_LANG['sociedadcolectiva'] = "Sociedad Colectiva";
$_LANG['sociedadsau'] = "Sociedad Anónima Unipersonal";
$_LANG['sociedadsa'] = "Sociedad Anónima";
$_LANG['sociedadslu'] = "Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal";
$_LANG['sociedadsl'] = "Sociedad Limitada";
$_LANG['autonomo'] = "Autónomo";
$_LANG['particular'] = "Particular";
3. Open additionaldomainfields.php file located in /whmcsrootdir/inlcudes/ and locate the following lines:
// .ES
$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "ID Form Type", "LangVar" => "estldidformtype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "Other Identification,Tax Identification Number,Tax Identification Code,Foreigner Identification Number", "Default" => "Other Identification",);
$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "ID Form Number", "LangVar" => "estldidformnum", "Type" => "text", "Size" => "30", "Default" => "", "Required" => true,);
Replace all with the following lines:
// .ES
$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "Legal Entity Type", "LangVar" => "estldlegalentitytype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "1|".$_LANG['particular'].",1|".$_LANG['autonomo'].",612|".$_LANG['sociedadsl'].",744|".$_LANG['sociedadslu'].",713|".$_LANG['sociedadsa'].",608|".$_LANG['sociedadsau'].",510|".$_LANG['sociedadcolectiva'].",562|".$_LANG['sociedadcomanditaria'].",566|".$_LANG['sociedadcooperativa'].",47|".$_LANG['asociacionlegal'].",524|".$_LANG['organismopublico']."", "Default" => "1|".$_LANG['particular']."",);
$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "ID Form Type", "LangVar" => "estldidformtype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "1|".$_LANG['dninifcifcard'].",3|".$_LANG['niecard'].",0|".$_LANG['passportorvat']."","Default" => "1|".$_LANG['dninifcifcard']."",);
$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "ID Form Number", "LangVar" => "estldidformnum", "Type" => "text", "Size" => "30", "Default" => "", "Required" => true,);

Re-upload your language files and the additionaldomainfields.php file. Now you can register dot ES domains without any problems.

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