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TOPIC: Reseller and starting with WHMCS? - Part 1

Reseller and starting with WHMCS? - Part 1 5 years 9 months ago #217

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Hi All,

Here some fundamental steps a Logicboxes reseller should walk through when starting with WHMCS!

Do you have your own Domain?
I guess you have. If not, then it is time to register your own domain using your reseller account. If the domain you would like to use with your business is not registered with your LogicBoxes Registrar, then initiate a transfer. Your domain must be registered in your reseller account to avail of all the features and benefits your LogicBoxes registrar offers with a registered domain.

Setup your partially or branded Name Servers!
It is very important to have setup correctly your Nameservers which are used with every domain or hosting service you sell through your LogicBoxes Registrar using WHMCS as your shopping cart and Control Panel. We always recommend a fully branded Name server setup because you are doing your business under your domain name and you should use your domain name providing DNS services to your customers. Be professional!

Let's start!
  1. Log into your reseller account and access "Settings" -> Branding Settings and click the Icon "Name Servers". By default "Use Partially-Branded Name Servers" is activated.
  2. Select now "Use Fully-Branded Name Servers" and tick the check boxes "I have created Child Name Server records with all the IP addresses stated below" and "I have created A records with the set of IP addresses"
  3. Set now in the 4 text boxes under "Fully-Branded Name Servers" 4 FQDN Name Servers (Fully qualified Domain Name). For example, dns1.mydomain.tld, dns2.mydomain.tld, dns3.mydomaint.tld and dns4.mydomain.tld. You can use any hostname you like. dns1 - dns4 is just an example
  4. Finally click the button "Update"
  5. Now click the link "Edit your default Name Servers for Domain Registration" under "Default Name Servers For Domain Registration" and set there the 4 FQDN Name Servers you have setup above and click the button "Submit". On success, close the window
Now you need to create the A records for each of the FQDN Name Servers you have created. Each Name Server needs 4 A Records.

  • From your Reseller Control Panel Homepage search the domain name you use for the Name Server setup.
  • Click the link "DNS Management" from the right hand menu panel. Then click the link "Manage DNS"
  • Now add the following A Records:

    hostname => IP
    dns1 =>
    dns1 =>
    dns1 =>
    dns1 =>

    dns2 =>
    dns2 =>
    dns2 =>
    dns2 =>

    dns3 =>
    dns3 =>
    dns3 =>
    dns3 =>

    dns4 =>
    dns4 =>
    dns4 =>
    dns4 =>

  • Declare your Child Name Servers

  • From your Reseller Control Panel Homepage search the domain name you use for the Name Server setup.
  • Click the link "Domain Registration" from the right hand menu panel. Then click the link "Child Name Servers"
  • Now add each Name Servers with the IP in the fields. Each Name Server has 4 IP's.

    Example for the first Name Server: => => => =>

    Repeat the above for dns2, dns3 and dns4 with the corresponding IP's

  • Regards,
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