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TOPIC: Question about resellers in LogicBoxes

Question about resellers in LogicBoxes 4 years 11 months ago #314

Dear community and team at Reseller Club, many thanks for your help in similar occasions.

I am trying to grasp some concepts about the resellers. I bought a RRD package, but this is for WHM resellers.

I am concerned about the LOGICBOXES/RESELLERCLUB'S resellers, that is, the resellers that can also sell VPS, Certificates, Sitebuilder, etc.

How does the WHMCS updates his transactions data, for resellers of this sort? How should I configure it? Because resellers will have a credit WITH ME, but their final customers will have a credit with THEM, and the orders will belong to THOSE final customers, so actually even if I setup a discount for my reseller, HIS CUSTOMERS will be BUYING AS INDEPENDENT CUSTOMERS AND NOT THROUGH MY PAYMENT SYSTEM, and hence the reseller's transactions would not be reflected in my WHMCS.....

Or the resellers group is an EXCEPTION for me to manage EVERYTHING INSIDE MY WHMCS, and must I in reality come to my orderbox and TREAT MY RESELLERS IN THE ORDERBOX?

I truly appreciate your help with these concepts, I hope I'm not abusing of your time.

David López-Sebastián Schrimpff
-Dominio Amigo
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Question about resellers in LogicBoxes 4 years 11 months ago #315

  • Marco
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The concept of WHMCS is to serve end users, your customers under your reseller account, on the same way Orderbox does.

Orderbox also offers full reseller management. This means you can convert yourself into a kind of "a small resellerclub registrar" but WHMCS cannot directly manage your sub-resellers. To manage with certain limits your sub-resellers through WHMCS, you need an Addon.

There is an Addon available. Have a look at


The sub-reseller addon is for Sub-Reseller Management and not for managing the products a sub-reseller has sold to his end customers. This is only possible through the Orderbox control panels. Orderbox is a very complex pyramidal system and WHMCS does not offer the concept of Orderbox.

However, you can sell and manage all orderbox products and services to your customers with WHMCS.

For example you can sell a complete reseller bulk hosting plan or a VPS Server to an end-customer. The customer can then setup his own WHMCS system using the service as an end-customer and at the same time, signing up with you a sub-reseller account to sell and manage the same products to his own end customers.

A Sub-reseller is in fact exactly the same like you: A Reseller with his own business. Your concern should be limited to selling to him, not what he sell to his customers.

The only difference between YOU and your sub-reseller: His reseller account is under your reseller account while YOUR reseller account is under another Reseller account such as ResellerClub, NEO, WHMCS, etc. etc. etc.

We are all sub-resellers and there is only one real Reseller at the very top level: Directi.

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Question about resellers in LogicBoxes 4 years 10 months ago #316

Dear team at Reseller Club, MANY THANKS for your great help.

That was one of the final doubts I had with this.

I must say, that your high-quality support is simply great! I find very valuable the mix of experience and orientation you can give to your customers world-wide.

Best regards from Colombia, South America,

David López
Dominio Amigo
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