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Final test results for our Products and WHMCS v5.2

WHMCS released today, 15th of March, an incremental update v5.2.2 for the recently launched stable release v5.2.1 and we finally finished our exhaustive test cycle for our products.

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Affiliate System now open!

We are proud to announce the launch of our affiliate system for all products and services we currently offer including the additional services for installation & updates

Read more: Affiliate System now open!

Important Updates available for all Provisioning Modules

According to our last post in our forum "Important API Changes" we have released updates for all our provisioning Modules

Read more: Important Updates available

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Important! Splitting of your Web Services order(s)

ResellerClub has recentely announced deprecation of all legacy Linux and Windows hosting plans, also known as "Webservice" Hosting plans. Legacy Hosting plans have been offered with a limited OpenXchange Business Email service instead of the cPanel built-in Email service like for all geolocated single domain hosting plans.


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