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Now Multi LogicBoxes Registrar Support!

We are proud to announce our brand new product portfolio with Multi LogicBoxes Registrar Support and new functionalities!

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Coming soon v3 for all products!

Soon we have to say “goodbye!” to the resellerclubmods_config.php configuration file and to the license local key flatfiles which the mods saves into the whmcs document root if write permission is set correctly.

Read more: Coming soon v3 for all products!

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Important! Splitting of your Web Services order(s)

ResellerClub has recentely announced deprecation of all legacy Linux and Windows hosting plans, also known as "Webservice" Hosting plans. Legacy Hosting plans have been offered with a limited OpenXchange Business Email service instead of the cPanel built-in Email service like for all geolocated single domain hosting plans.


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