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I want you for test!

ResellerClub Directi recently launched the amazing VPS Linux Server Product inviting resellers to test the service in BETA:

We also are now ready to invite you to test the selling and management of this service through WHMCS with our brand new Module:

R.V.P.S.M - ResellerClub Virtual Private Server Module - Release Candidate 1

ResellerClub Virtual Private Server Module for WHMCS

How can I avail for a free trial test license?

If you are subscribed to ResellerClub's VPS Server Beta test then you can avail for a free trial license time limited until the service will be oficially launched for all Resellers. To start, install or update to the latest v1.0.5 "ResellerClub Mods Console" from where you can order the trial license immediately.

Not subscribed to the VPS Beta test?

Contact your Account Manager and request the activation for the VPS Beta Server test.

For any further questions about the VPS Beta service or our R.V.P.Sever Module do not hesitate to open a support ticket with us.

Best regards,

Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro

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We are ready for the next round ...

... and very proud to announce the immediate availability of all our modules for WHMCS 7.5.0 - RC 1 and backwards compatible till WHMCS 6.0.0!

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