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FREE Tools v2.5 now with Customer Tools!

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new RC & LB FREE Tools v2.5.1 for WHMCS v5

What's new?

The FREE Tools have been split into 2 categories, a new version for WHMCS v5 and an end of life time version for WHMCS v4. No further updates will be provided for WHMCS v4:

  • v2.4.2 - (End of life) FREE Tools for WHMCS v4.4.x - v4.5.3
  • v2.5.1 - FREE Tools for WHMCS v5.x.x or later

Some Bugs have been fixed for the following tools on both versions:

  • Domain Promo Management
    You can now delete expired Domain Promos manually
  • Domain Transfer Check and Cron Script
    The Tool and Cron Script have been improved for v2.5.1. You can now configure what the tool should do if a domain in transfer pending state does not exist in your reseller account. By default, the Pending Transfer state will not be changed. You can configure to set "cancelled" or "delete" domain.
  • Fundsbalance Widget for Multi Reseller Accounts
    Bugfix for multiple reseller accounts. The currency was not being displayed
  • Import Tool for Products / Services
    Bugfix for importing 2 Products for the same domain name
  • Funds threshold hook
    Bugfix for updating the available funds balance in database

Introducing FREE Tools for your Customers

  • Domainsbot - Domain Suggestion Tool
    Offer ResellerClub's Domain Name Suggestion Tool for FREE in WHMCS
  • Move Domain to another Customer Tool
    Allow / Disallow your Customers to move their domain to another Customer Account in WHMCS/LogicBoxes

Howto update?

Update and istallation is very easy. Have a look at the Online Installation Documentation for the FREE Tools

We hope you like our FREE version. Feel free to post your feedback or suggestions through our Forums or our Facebook page.

Best regards,

Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro

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