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Geolocated SDH and the Name Server dilemma

ResellerClub/LogicBoxes recently launched the new geolocated SDH (Single Domain Hosting Service).

Like the geolocated MDH (Multi Domain Hosting Service), the new SDH no longer offers DNS Management through the Reseller's partially or fully branded Name Servers as they had done previously with the legacy SDH Hosting plans.

Per their recommended option, you should use the two Name Servers from the Hosting Server, called “name-(number)” or, as an alternative option, you can add the necessary A and MX records to your Domain Name's existing Name Servers.

We think the “recommended” option shouldn't be using the Hosting Servers Name servers for two very logical reasons:

  1. What is Is it your domain? Who is Do you have a fully white labelled business? If you do, why should you use Name Servers under a domain which is not yours?
  2. As per the DNS RFC, a domain must have at least two Name Servers. Each of them should have a different IP and if possible from different subnets. The two Hosting Servers Name servers are sharing the same IP which is a bad idea and out of the DNS RFC, simply not recommended.

What is the solution for this dilemma?

Your four partially or fully branded Nameservers are valid and you can use them for any geolocated Single Domain Hosting Plan. You just need to set up the necessary A and MX Records with the FREE DNS Service and configure your Domain with your branded Name Servers. That’s all!

But, this sounds like a lot of “manual work” for you and for your customers, right? Couldn't this just be done automatically?

The answer is an emphatic YES!

The new version of our RSD Hosting Module now offers this option. A few resellers have been testing the new module and we expect to launch the final release very soon!

If you are interested in testing the Release Candidate, just drop in a ticket and request the new RSD Module before the official launch.

Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro

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