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Test results for our Products and WHMCS v5.2

WHMCS released yesterday, 12th of March, the new stable release v5.2 and we have started today testing our products.

Unfortunately the mods and modules does not work 100% due some important changes made by WHMCS. The main reason why our
Management Mods are not working is due the replacement of the dbconnect.php file:


"...The dbconnect.php file has been removed as of WHMCS V5.2 and so any custom files will require updating to include "init.php" and only "init.php", the current separate "functions.php" include will be handled automatically... "

We have ready and tested the updates for RAMDI, REMDI and RAMEI Management Mods which will be launched most probably Friday 15th of March. All other products are still under review and in test phase.

We will do our best to release the updates as soon as possible.

Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro

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