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Hustle and bustle here at RCM!

We have to announce many changes and many news for the month of March 2014...

We just launched the new update v3.9.1 for our Registrar module with some minor Bugfixes and support for suggest domain names. Check out the screenshot at

RMD and RRD Hosting Provisioning Modules (Build 2)

Less than a week ago, we've also released updates for our provisioning modules "Multi Domain (RMDHM)" and "Bulk Reseller Hosting (RRDHM)" with new features and improvements. However, ResellerClub just added a new feature to the hosting plans for Reseller and Multi Domain: "Pause hosting Plan". This feature allows pausing plans and only offer renewals.

Unfortunately, the new feature is not compatible with the versions v3.9.1 Build 1 and therefore, we decided to launch immediately an update to version v3.9.1 Build 2 for the provisioning modules.
The updates are now available for download. The procedure for updating has not changed and remains the same.

FREE Tools v2.7.9 coming soon!

We have also started with the next update cycle for the new FREE Tools v2.7.9. The new release contains many changes and new features.

Here a small preview:

  • Global RAA management: A management interface that allows you to view and manage at a glance all domains whose verification is pending or incomplete!
  • Registrar based Nameserver setup: This new tool allows you to override the configured default nameservers in WHMCS and configure for each active registrar a special set of nameservers.
  • A new client area tool: Surprise! We do not want to reveal yet but we are sure you will love it!

ResellerClub launched Dedicated Servers!

ResellerClub just launched their new service for dedicated servers and we will start soon to offer the provisioning module for WHMCS.

And the good news: The module will be offered for FREE to all customers who have an owned license for the RVP Server module.

Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro

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