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Sneak Preview v4 RCM Modules!

Automation here, automation there, automation everywhere! The new v4 Modules will mark a before and after for selling, provisioning, and managing Products / Services with ResellerClub, NetEarthone and many others using the biggest reseller platform LogicBoxes / OrderBox in the domain and hosting Industry.
Our main goal for the v4 release is automation and we think it doesn't matter if a third party module is big or small, simple or complex. In the today's hosting industry, you need to be fast and competitive and automation is a must have for hassle free installation, configuration, update and maintenance tasks.

For Resellers with or without knowledge!

The new v4 Modules are focused on new resellers as well as for experienced WHMCS Users. The way to get started with your online business as well as upgraded when new releases have been made available is the most important part. It should be as easy as possible and hassle free.

One Add-on install and you are ready to start for Auto Installation!

All you need to do is installing an Add-on and that's it! The new Resellerclub Mods Management Core Console Addon is wizard driven with onscreen guides:
v4 setup wizard
v4 setup wizard 2

AutoInstall and AutoUpdate for all Modules!

Do you remember? Download the zipfile for the correct php version, unzip, upload via ftp into the correct location, go here and there, etc. etc. and oops, something went wrong!? This has been a story!

v4 AutoInstall

v4 AutoUpdate

AutoSetup for Products and Configurable Options!

Experienced Resellers using WHMCS know the required time and effort for setup new products and configurable options, updating selling prices and maintenance tasks for products and services. A real nightmare with dozens of products. This also has been a story!

v4 AutoSetup

v4 AutoAddons

What about me? I use the current v3 Modules! Do I need to start over again?

The answer is an emphatic NO! One of the reasons for all these delays in launching the v4 Modules was exactly this point and we decided to start from scratch but maintain the same licensekey and making the current v3 and the new v4 modules working together without any conflict, offering a very easy to use Migration Wizard! This will allow moving gradually from the current v3 modules to the new v4 modules without any service interruptions and without headaches.

v4 AutoMigrate

What else is coming up?

Much more, indeed a lot more! An Overview of all the Products and Configurable Options with direct access, centralized and at a glance how it should be!

v4 Addon Configuration

The Module configuration has been moved out of the Products Setup TAB "Module Settings" and out of the Addon Module configuration. Everything is now accessible from the Addon Dashboard

v4 Modulesettings

v4 Module Overview

The same for the Core Addon configuration and for the License Management

v4 Addon Configuration

Headaches and Limitations between WHMCS and LogicBoxes Product integration

We always search the best solution to get rid of with integration limitations. We know well what these problems are and experienced resellers also are aware about those limitations. Some of them are now controlled with every module:
Incorrect Invoicing for Package Upgrade
LogicBoxes has its own way to calculate the cost when it comes to upgrade a product. The problem here is not the upgrade feature, this is supported by our modules. The real headache is the big difference with the invoicing. WHMCS does it as per and LogicBoxes as per
The v4 provisioning module now takes care of these differences and modifies the invoice accordingly if a customer upgrade the service from the client area.
Customer Email mismatch between WHMCS customer and Reseller account customer
Some API functions require the customer email address to be passed. If the customer has changed the email address in WHMCS and the same has not been changed in the Resellers customer account then those functions will not work as expected. This is now displayed in the products details page.

Customer email mismtach

More details and infos available from the products details
Order status messages have been improved to show you accurate Order information like for example if an Order is pending provisioning, or if the same has been deleted, etc. etc.

Order Pending

Order Deleted

Order Active

Feature Requests, Suggestions and Feedbacks
We always listen and we are taking note of every feature request and suggestions. In fact, the v4 Module series has been made based on all feature requests we have received all the time! For example, Import/Update Selling Prices is now available. This will save you a lot of Management time and all you need to do is maintain the selling prices in your reseller account. The daily cron from WHMCS will trigger everything to sync your selling prices.
We hope the new v4 Modules are to your liking and do not hesitate to leave a comment! Your feedback and constructive criticism is always very welcome and will make stuff better!

Best Regards,

Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro S.L.U.

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