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Black Friday and Important News!

Black Friday is coming and will start tonight! Don't miss it and get the best possible discount on our complete Portfolio!

We have to share a lot more of news with you!

Black Friday Special

Starting tonight, 25th November at 00:00:01 WET till 23:59:59 our complete Portfolio will be available for an exclusive price with a discount of 50% over the normal selling price.

Use the following direct shopping cart link to Order the Black Friday Complete Portfolio for Owned Licences:

Launching Modules v4

We are almost ready to launch our very first v4 Module for the Single Domain Linux/Windows and DIY Sitebuiler Services! ETA: 2nd December 2016.

Once the first Module has been launched we will gradually release all other Modules in the coming weeks.

New Module for G-Suite under development

ResellerClub launched a few days ago their new G-Suite Service. We will provide soon the necessary provisioning Module for WHMCS, initially for the v3 Serie and soon for the v4 Serie too.

ResellerClub Domain API changes

A few API changes and new available API functions have been announced by ResellerClub due to the new Domain Transfer Policy from ICANN. The new Policy takes efect December 1, 2016 and will have an impact in the following Modules: L.C.D. Registrar Module and R.E.M. Domain Interface. Updates will be provided as soon as possible.

Price Hike coming soon

Our sale prices and the recurring prices for Licenses and Add Ons will be increased from December 1, 2016. We know that price hikes are never welcome for anybody but they are certainly necesary to ensure quality Support, Developement and Improvements for our Products and Services.

The increase for leased licenses will be between 30 and 40% and for owned licenses between 15 and 30%. The Addon Support & Updates for owned licences will be between 30 and 45%.


Best Regards,

Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro S.L.U.

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We are ready for the next round ...

... and very proud to announce the immediate availability of all our modules for WHMCS 7.5.0 - RC 1 and backwards compatible till WHMCS 6.0.0!

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