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Version 2.0.0 (Top)
Release Date: 05/11/2011

  • 4 new tools added
  • Tool for importing ResellerClub users into WHMCS
  • Tool for exporting WHMCS users into ResellerClub
  • Funds Balance on admin home page
  • Currently available promos review

Version 2.0.1 (Top)
Release Date: 11/11/2011

  • Bugfix - Funds balance was not shown if selling currency is distinct to accounting currency

Version 2.0.2 (Top)
Release Date: 18/11/2011

  • Issue with newer versions of simplexml fixed.

Version 2.0.3 (Top)
Release Date: 03/12/2011

  • Bugfix when customer language settings in WHMCS is set to "default".

Version 2.0.4 (Top)
Release Date: 21/12/2011

  • Maintenance Release and code update for new coming tools
  • Bugfix for ResellerClub Passwords with special chars
  • Bugfix Importing Users in WHMCS with Localisation iso-8859-1 correctly converted
  • Added complete transliteration when exporting users to Reseller Account
  • Added search function for import and export tool

Version 2.1.0 (Top)
Release Date: 12/01/2012

  • Added Domain TLD and Domain Pricing Import Tool
  • Added Domain Import Tool

Version 2.1.1 (Top)
Release Date: 13/01/2012

  • Multiplicator for years was disabled accidentally in first release
  • Typo for 3rd level .CO domain prices

Version 2.1.2 (Top)
Release Date: 13/01/2012

  • Added currency selector, necessary for those who are working with more than 1 currency

Version 2.1.3 (Top)
Release Date: 15/01/2012

  • Added support for .RU, .COM.RU, .NET.RU and ORG.RU
  • Wrong message was shown in WHMCS v4 when pricing update was successfull

Version 2.1.4 (Top)
Release Date: 18/01/2012

  • Added multiplicator dropdown for currencies calculated in 10's, 100's and 1000's

Version 2.1.6 (Top)
Release Date: 02/02/2012

  • Bugfix "Domain Import" tool on PHP 5.3.x installations

Version 2.1.7 (Top)
Release Date: 14/02/2012

  • Added Multi Account Management
  • Added Version Update checker
  • Bugfix on TLD Pricing and Domain import for TLDs with special register/renewal periods

Version 2.1.8 (Top)
Release Date: 22/02/2012

  • Added support for .COOP price & domain import
  • Local License key stored in Database for improving performance
  • resellerclubmods_config.php file deprecated for FREE Tools v2.1.8 upwards

Version 2.1.9 (Top)
Release Date: 05/03/2012

  • Added checkbox to check all customers to import
  • Reseller Customer Import Tool improved and pagination set to 100 per page
  • Bugfix on specific Customer Import

Version 2.2.0 (Top)
Release Date: 07/04/2012

  • Domain TLD & Pricing Import Tool improved
  • Cost prices added for Register, Renew, Transfer and Restore
  • Import/Update feature for Domain Selling Pricings. Increase/Decrease Selling prices instantly
  • Domain Transfer Check tool added
  • Domain Transfer automated Check with cronjob added
  • Move Domain / Services tool added.

Version 2.2.1 (Top)
Release Date: 16/04/2012

  • New Home interface
  • Better license handling with delete localkey feature
  • Improved Transfer Check tool
  • Deprecated variable $whmcsroot in configuration.php

Version 2.2.2 (Top)
Release Date: 05/05/2012

  • New Multi LogicBoxes Registrar Funds Balance Widget for WHMCS v5
  • Code improvements

Version 2.3.1 (Top)
Release Date: 30/06/2012

  • Interface lifting on all tools
  • More useful Informations on the main tool page
  • Currency symbol or code for the funds widget configurable from Addon Setup
  • Interface BlockUI javascript deprecated due compatibility issues with some browsers
  • Enable/Disable Signup, Delete and Modify Customer hooks from the addon setup
  • Signup, Delete and Modify Customer hooks no more limited to the 1# reseller account
  • Modify Customer hook now changes the customer email address if changed in whmcs
  • All hook actions are now logged into the WHMCS Activity System log
  • Import/Update TLD register and renewal pricings for .uk domains fixed (1-10 years)
  • Improved Domain Import Tool with a new search domain per user function
  • Domain promo management added. 1-click apply promo price to the domain selling price
  • Improved Transfer Check Cron. No output visible if access from browser
  • Transfer Check Cron now reseller account based
  • Transfer Check Cron admin mail now correctly formatted in html
  • Transfer Check Cron enable/disable from the Addon setup
  • Transfer Check Cron email summary send to Admin (only WHMCS v5)
  • Special Currency Setup for Resellers who have a different default selling currency in WHMCS than in the reseller account

Version 2.3.2 (Top)
Release Date: 13/07/2012

  • Threshold Funds managment with mail alert added
  • Funds balance widget with Funds threshold
  • Domain Promo Management improved with Auto update function

Version 2.3.3 (Top)
Release Date: 24/08/2012

  • Support added for .PRO Domains
  • German language officially implemented
  • Domain transfer check tool and cronscript updates now expiry and next due date

Version 2.4.1 (Top)
Release Date: 13/09/2012

  • Import Bulk Domain tool added
  • Import Tool for Single Linux, Windows, Email and Sitebuilder hosting added
  • Import Tool for Multi Linux and Windows hosting added
  • Import Tool for Reseller Linux and Windows hosting added
  • Import Tool for Thawte SSL Certificates added
  • Small Bugfixes on threshold hook, TLD / Pricing import tool and transfer check cronscript

Version 2.4.2 for WHMCS v4 and Version 2.5.1 for WHMCS v5
Release Date: 13/12/2012

  • Client Area "Domain Suggestion - Domainsbot" Tool
  • Client Area "Move Domain to another Customer" Tool
  • Improved Domain Promo Management
  • Improved Domain Transfer Check and Cron
  • Bugfix on Fundsbalance widget for multi accounts
  • Bugfix on product import tools if there are more than 1 product for the same domain name
  • Bugfix on Fundsthresold hook
  • Overall code improvements
  • End of life for WHMCS v4 FREE Tools

Version 2.6.1 (Top)
Release Date: 15/01/2013

  • Hosting Import Tools: Support for Geolocated SDH, MDH and RH added
  • Import Tool for VPS Server plans added
  • Import TLDs & Prices: Support added for nl and pw
  • Further Improvements for Domain Promo Management
  • Activitylog implemented for promo update hook
  • Small Bugfixes on Promoupdate Admin email and Customer Export Tool

Version 2.6.2 (Top)
Release Date: 22/01/2013

  • Promo Management Tool Bugfix: Selling price, Promo price and Currency conversion
    were applied wrong when currency conversion has been activated
  • Update Promo price with selling price using now the whmcs default selling price and not
    the selling price from the reseller account

Version 2.7.1 (Top)
Release Date: 01/04/2013

  • Promo Daily Update Mail: Default Selling price and Promo Selling Price added.
  • Promo Management Tool: Registrar info added to the Active Promo table
  • Domain Transfer Check: Cron check tool and script checks now only the registrar for which the TLD has been setup.
  • Customer Import Tool: Number of Users to import is now adjustable from the Addon setup. Default = 100 per import batch
  • Import TLDs & Prices Tool: New option available to set selling prices in WHMCS using cost price + Dower value.
  • New TLD support added for .com.de, .cn and 3rd level .cn
  • Fundthreshold Hook [FIXED]: The values ??for total, blocked and available funds were set to 0.00 in the Funds Alert E-mail when a Product has been purchased or renewed.
  • All Hosting and Certificate Import Tools: [FIXED]: The module name for all provisioning modules upwards v3.6.x have been changed due to Naming Conversion Change by WHMCS
  • Client Area tools "Domainbot and Move domain": [FIXED] Language translation BUG in WHMCS has been fixed in v5.2.3 for Addon Module client area output

Version 2.7.2 (Top)
Release Date: 15/05/2013

  • Added Domain Price list widget with Highlight Promo Price feature
  • Google API currency conversion integrated for Domain Pricing Import Tool option "using my cost price and an incremental value".
  • Option for disabling Telescope Pricing implemented in Domain Pricing Import Tool
  • Brazilian portuguese language officially implemented

Version 2.7.3 (Top)
Release Date: 10/07/2013

  • API response format changed from simplexml to JSON to improve performance and speed
  • Support added for the new LogicBoxes Compatible Domain Registrar Module (Beta to be launched soon)
  • Improved Domain Import and Bulk Domain Import Tool:
    • Function added to fetch all customer ID's with one click to start Bulk Import immediately
    • IDN Support implemented for both tools
  • Improved Import TLDs & Prices Tool:
    • Function added to update TLD settings for configured TLDs
    • Function added to disable Google API currency conversion
  • Improved Export User tool: Bulk mode implemented
  • Improved Move Domain / Services Tool: Better handling for Success and Error Messages
  • New Tools - Manage TLDs & Domains:
    • Tool to change the Registrar Module for TLDs
    • Tool to change the Registrar Module for Domains
    • Tool for Activate/Deactivate Management Tools for Domains (dnsmanagement, emailforwarding and idprotection)
  • New Tool - Reseller Domain Bulk move: Move domains from one Reseller Account to another Reseller Account

Version 2.7.4 (Top)
Release Date: 19/07/2013

  • Improved all Product Import Tools: IDN Support implemented
  • Improved Client Area Domain Move Tool: IDN Support implemented
  • Improved Reseller Domain Bulk move: Search and Move Domains for a specific Customer
  • Farsi language officially implemented
  • Import TLDs & Prices: Support added for in.net

Version 2.7.5 (Top)
Release Date: 29/08/2013

  • API Changes implemented for all Move Domain/Products Tools
  • Improved Manage TLDs & Domains Tools and added Domain filter based on the Registrar Module
  • New TLDs & Domains Tool implemented: Update Domain Recurring Pricing

Version 2.7.6 (Top)
Release Date: 19/12/2013

  • Bugfix: Promo Update Tool not updated other currencies
  • Bugfix: Default currency not set when importing Customers from Reseller account
  • Bugfix: Domain Price List widget: Not correctly formated for currencies in 1000's (COP, etc.)
  • Improved: Import TLDs & Prices now updates other currencies automatically
  • Improved: Manage TLDs & Domains Subtool Activate/Deactivate Domain Addons with a new option: "leave as is"
  • Improved: Auto Customer Signup & Modify tools use now customized transliteration hooks if present
  • Improved: Reseller Account now configurable for any other LogicBoxes Registrar present in WHMCS (resellerid, etc. etc.)
  • Improved: Transfer check tool added Activity log entries
  • Implemented: Admin user for local API now configurable
  • Implemented: VPS Plan Import tool support for the new plesk control panel addons
  • Implemented: Enterprise Email Hosting Plan Import Tool
  • Implemented: Support added for .CO.DE and .LA Tlds
  • Implemented: Configurable Domain Price Sync Cron for each Reseller account.
  • New language translations added

Version 2.7.7 (Top)
Release Date: 29/01/2014

  • Bugfix: Automation Tool URL's for GET and LYNX missed the whmcsroot folder
  • Improved: Transfer check cron does now send admin mail only when there are domains pending transfer
  • Improved: Domain Price sync cron does now sync only the Domains Default Base Slab. Configurable from the Addon to sync all Slabs
  • Improved: Google Currency API changes updated
  • Improved: Auto Promo Update now configurable to terminate promos with x days before the real promo end date
  • Improved: Manage Domain Promos shows now a button "Delete & Update" if a promo has been terminated by the registrar prematurely
  • Improved: Import TLDs & Prices Tool:
    • Multi Domain Price Management for Default Base Slab and Client Group based Slabs
    • Currency convertion for cost prices improved when using Google Currency API
    • Label to show which Price Slab is active and if a TLD has an active promo running
  • New language translations added
  • Ready and tested for WHMCS v5.3

Version 2.7.8 (Top)
Release Date: 21/02/2014

  • Improved: Import TLDs & Prices Tool now maintenance free. Setup and Manage all TLDs instantly as soon as set to active in reseller account
  • Improved: Reseller Account Setup handling. Setup for up to four accounts and enable/disable accounts with one click.

Version 2.7.9 (Top)
Release Date: 02/04/2014

  • End of life for php 5.2. Required php 5.3 or 5.4 with Ioncube Loaders v4.4.1 or greater
  • Bugfix: 4th account was not displayed in the Funds Balance Home Widget
  • Bugfix: 4th account was not displayed in the "change to" account dropdown menu
  • Bugfix: Duplicated Promo update mail with multiple reseller account setup
  • Bugfix: Reseller Domain cost price conversion only working with Google Currency Conversion option enabled
  • Bugfix: Bulk Update Recurring price Tool updates the prices for 3rd level domains when starting with the same name (eg .com .com.cn)
  • Updated: All Tools - IDN over TLD Support for new gTLDs
  • Updated: All Tools - Interface/layout lifting
  • Updated: Domain Promo Management - Promo prices are now applied for all years, eg. 2 years = 1 year promo price + 1 year normal price
  • Updated: Support for Import Single and Multi Domain HK Hosting plans
  • Improved: Import TLDs & Prices - Bulk TLD setup and Bulk Import/Update Selling prices
  • Improved: Addon Configuration with direct access links for accounts and sections
  • Implemented: "Change to" Account dropdown now available with direct access on every tools page
  • Implemented: Transparent Override Default Name Server option per Registrar Module/Account
  • Implemented: Fully featured RAA Domain Management Interface with daily cron report
  • Postponed: New client area tool postponed for v2.8.0
  • New language translations added

  • Maintenance Update Build 2 - Release Date: 10/04/2014
    • Currency Symbol in Pricelist Widget not correctly converted when using html entities
    • IDN Support was missing in Domain Import tool
    • Auto update product prices now checks first if enabled or disabled in whmcs automation settings (Currency Auto Update Settings)

    Maintenance Update Build 3 - Release Date: 19/04/2014
    • Changed Customer signup/modify company name field from "Not Acceptable" to "Not Applicable"
    • RAA Domainmanagement does not show domains with failed verification (only pending verification)
    • RAA Domain Daily Report does not show domains with failed verification (only pending verification)
    • RAA Domain Daily Report with wrong date in the header title
    • Import TLDs & Prices Tool: The default selling currency from reseller account was used instead the whmcs default currency for increase/decrease and costprice/incremental values for accounts configured with "account currency conversion"

    Maintenance Update Build 4 - Release Date: 26/04/2014
    • Domain pricelist widget: Normal selling prices for active promos were not calculated correctly in other currencies

Version 2.8.0 (Top)
Release Date: 30/06/2014

  • Bugfix: Domain suggestion results with wrong associated checkbox for the suggested domains
  • Bugfix: Import tool for single domain and webservice plans; first and recurring price were empty
  • Bugfix: Import tool for VPS plans; import configurable option addons have not been set to active in product details
  • Bugfix: Import tool for all products; first and recurring prices were imported only using default currency
  • Bugfix: Import tool for all products; configurable option notes have been duplicated when importing multiple products
  • Improved: Import tool for VPS with support for server os (centos,ubuntu)
  • Improved: Support added to import geolocated TR hosting plans for Single, Multi and Bulk packages
  • Improved: Import TLDs & Prices various small bugfixes, onsale promo infotag for register/transfer/renew
  • Improved: Domain price sync cron various small bugfixes and support added for manual promos
  • Improved: Manage Domain Promos with navigation links for promo tlds and support to setup manual promos for register/transfer/renew
  • Implemented: Import tool for dedicated hosting servers (DHS Plans)
  • Implemented: Option to use whmcs customer password with customer signup in reseller account
  • Implemented: Option to sync whmcs customer password in reseller customer account
  • Implemented: Option flag "skip" for whmcs daily cron controlled hook tools (Automation Tools)
  • Implemented: Tool for Auto and Manual setup of whoisservers.php file for accurate domain check availability through API and extended whoislookup results
  • New language translations added

Version 2.8.1 (Top)
Release Date: 28/07/2014

  • End of life support for WHMCS 5.0.x - 5.2.16. Min version: 5.2.17 or later
  • Bugfix: Activating Registrar controlled Promo has not updated other currencies with the promo price
  • Improved: All Product Import tools ready for importing all new upcoming gelocations
  • Improved: Import TLDs & Prices tool shows now a label to differentiate better Pre GA TLDs
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs
  • Implemented: Import tool for Sitelock Plans
  • New language translations added

  • Maintenance Update Build 2 - Release Date: 04/08/2014
    • Bugfix: Tool Activate/Deactivate Management Tools for Domains (dnsmanagement, emailforwarding and idprotection)
    • Implemented: Update Recurring Amount in Tool "Activate/Deactivate Management Tools for Domains"

Version 2.8.2 (Top)
Release Date: 02/10/2014

  • Bugfix: Domain Pricelist widget shows always default currency in Bulkregister and Bulktransfer Form
  • Improved: Domain Pricelist widget with options for displaying TLD's in Pre-GA phase and Domain Restore Pricing
  • Improved: Import TLDs & Prices with a third import option based on costprice + percentage profit margin
  • Improved: Domainlookup now configurable to use the Registrar set in Autoreg settings for each TLD instead of using the 1# configured account
  • Improved: Export Users Tool, better support to export faster for big reseller accounts with thousands of customers
  • Improved: Transfer check Tool and cron script highly improved with status mails for customer if transfer is locked, id protected, missing epp code, exact status reason is now provided when domain transfer fails
  • Implemented: Option to disable the Admin Transfer check mail
  • Implemented: Update Domain recurring prices with daily cron
  • Implemented: New option flag to skip domain recurring price update
  • Implemented: Control Panel Shopping Cart Integration to redirect logged in customers from panel to WHMCS, with enable/disable option for autologin
  • Updated whoislookup.php with all the latest new gTLDs available through LogicBoxes Registrars
  • New language translations added

Version 2.8.3 (Top)
Release Date: 05/12/2014

  • Maintenance Update
  • Bugfix: RAA Domain last sent date for reminder mails wrong calculated
  • Bugfix: Domain Pricelist widget shows wrong Promoprice for currencies calculated in 1000's
  • Bugfix: Domain Pricelist widget shows wrong Restore Price for currencies calculated in 1000's
  • Bugfix: Domain Pricelist widget does not display Restore Title
  • Bugfix: Domain Promo Management shows wrong Promo and Barrier Price if default currency is calculated in 1000's
  • Bugfix: Transfercheck tool and cron script with multiple details messages and duplicated confirmation mails
  • Updated: Domain Recurring price tool does not recalculate recurring price for multiple currencies with internal API:Update_Client_Domain
  • Updated: Domain Recurring price tool now excluding domains with a selling/recurring price of 0.00 (FREE Domains)
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs
  • Implemented: Option to disable Telescope pricing for Bulk TLDs Update and Automated Domain Price Sync
  • Implemented: Import tool for CodeGuard Plans
  • New language translations added

Version 2.8.4 (Top)
Release Date: 25/05/2015

  • Maintenance Update
  • Deprecated: Price Currency Update no longer depends on WHMCS and Automation settings (Currency Auto Update Settings).
  • Implemented: Domain Price Curreny Update for domains only, with Enable/Disable option in Addon Configuration
  • Implemented: Import tool for OpenXchange Business Plans (Enterprise Email Lite)
  • Implemented: Import tool for Managed Dedicated Server Plans
  • Implemented: Import tool for Comodo SSL Certificates
  • Changed: All product import tools now create an appropriate invoice for imported products
  • Changed: API Changes for compulsory langpref var (br changed to pt)
  • Changed: RAA Report Sortorder by endtime
  • Changed: Domainprice widget css class names now configurable for better custom theme support
  • Changed: FREE Tools home section for account and global specific settings splitted into two separate sections
  • Changed: Adding of Notification Email templates for all admin related email notifications
  • Changed: Sidebar tool links for import tools only displayed if the corresponding provisioning module exists
  • Changed: Domain Import tool takes now the selling price from the client group slab if selling prices have been set up
  • Bugfix: Domain Import tool wrong calculated first and recurring price if currency in whmcs not equal currency in reseller account
  • Bugfix: Notification emails causes "EMAILERROR: Email Template Mass Mail Template Not Found" under cetain circumstances
  • Bugfix: Cron Transfer Check with wrong failed reason message if transfer has been purchased with id protection addon
  • Bugfix: Transfer Check Tool shows "An Error Ocurred:Error" if the option "Only check transfer status without sending any status mail" was not activated
  • Improved: Domain Recurring price tool now supports client group based price slabs
  • Improved: Manage TLD's & Domains Option to select all domains to change domain addon settings
  • Improved: Manage Domain Promos
    • Selling price Curreny Update controlled through Addon Configuration setting
    • Line break for TLD Labels
    • Red banner with direct link to "Import TLDs & Prices" for setup if TLD is not present in WHMCS
    • Using TLD Group Label instead of TLD Label for "scroll down" links if there are more than 1 TLD (donutsgroups, thridleveldomains, etc.)
  • Improved: Import TLD's & Prices
    • Bulk TLD setup limited to 50 TLDs at once for better performance
    • Deprecated max_input_vars warning
    • Correctly sorted all TLDs alphabetically
    • Display of the Profit Margin for each TLD
    • Option to update selling prices for other currencies if multiple currencies are present
    • Overall code improvement
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs as per the available LogicBoxes Registrars TLD list
  • Updated: New language translations added

Version 2.9.0 (Top)
Release Date: 13/07/2015

  • Added: Compatibility for WHMCS v6. Valid for WHMCS 5.2.17 - 6.0.x
  • Bugfix: Domain Promo tool TLD labels not coherent if two different promos are active or disabled for the same TLD
  • Bugfix: Domain Promo tool custom promos are missing the "Delete & Update" Button under certain circumstances
  • Bugfix: Manage TLD's & Domains tool registrar module filter was not working for the change autoreg settings subtool
  • Bugfix: Promo Auto update hook wrong calculated "Terminate promo before end date" custom value
  • Bugfix: Whois Servers Setup tool incorrect end of line for whoisservers.php file
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs as per the available LogicBoxes Registrars TLD list
  • Updated: New language translations added

Version 2.9.1 (Top)
Release Date: 12/08/2015

  • Bugfix: RAA domain hook causing conflict with other functions
  • Bugfix: Bulk TLD setup for IDN TLDs was not working
  • Bugfix: whoislookup.php accidentally encoded
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs as per the available LogicBoxes Registrars TLD list
  • Updated: New language translations added
  • Updated: Domain Suggestion for six based templates
  • Updated: Move Domain for six based templates
  • Added: Manage TLD's & Domains 5th subtool: Sort TLDs alphabetically
  • Domain Price List Widget
    • Bugfix: Custom class names for Domain Promo Price list Widget was not working
    • Updated: Now partially working for six template, only for category "All TLD Pricing"
    • Updated: Support added to call each TLD individually

  • Maintenance Update Build 2 - Release Date: 21/08/2014
    • Bugfix: Domain Price Widget for individual TLDs only works for active promos

Version 2.9.2 (Top)
Release Date: 23/03/2016

  • Manage TLD's & Domains
    • Bugfix: Tool 3# - Activate/Deactivate Domain Addons was not working proberly
    • Bugfix: Tool 4# - Update Domain Recurring Prices was updating top level and their 3rd level tlds with the same selling prices
    • Updated: Tool 3# - Activate/Deactivate Domain Addons now with recalc recurring price option
    • Updated: Added "none" to the filter list option to load tlds configured without registrar module
  • Manage Domain Promos
    • Bugfix: Custom promo does not show update & delete button if a registrar promo exists for a third level tld starting like the top level tld. Example: .com and .com.br
    • Bugfix: Promo selling price with currency conversion activated shows the wrong currency code
    • Bugfix: Label title with wrong associated tld information
    • Updated: Overall improvements for better performance when enable / disable domain promos
  • Import TLD's & Prices
    • Bugfix: Currencies in 1000's wrong displayed for cost price conversion
    • Added: API Data caching to avoid api calls on each pageload with button to reload API Data
    • Updated: Input fields size adjusted for currencies in 1000's
    • Updated: Overall improvements for better performance
  • Miscellaneous
    • Bugfix: Currencies in 1000's wrong displayed in home widget and funds balance tool
    • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs as per the available LogicBoxes Registrars TLD list
    • Updated: Language strings updated and new language translations added
    • Updated: New Domain Suggestion API implemented
    • Overall code improvements and minor bugfixes
    • Fully tested for whmcs v6.2.x

Version 2.9.3 (Top)
Release Date: 22/04/2016

  • Bugfix: Promo tool shows disabled labels if a tld promo is available for register, transfer and renew
  • Updated: Wildcard *.name tld not supported in WHMCS and therefor explicitely removed from the Import TLD's & Prices tool
  • Updated: Domain Price Widget improved. Restore prices are now cached
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs as per the available LogicBoxes Registrars TLD list
  • Updated: Intergration for missing services: Combo plans, Business Email and Impress.ly
  • Updated: Import tools "create invoices" now disabled by default and option to enable added in section Miscellaneous
  • Added: Import Tool for Impress.ly service

Version 2.9.4 (Top)
Release Date: 06/06/2016

  • Bugfix: Client group based domain recurring prices were always updated using the default base slab
  • Bugfix: Admin area empty language strings if selecting another language on login
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs as per the available LogicBoxes Registrars TLD list
  • Updated: Language strings updated and new language translations added
  • Updated: Domain Price List Widget with support to call a list of currently available Domain Promos. See installation Documentation TAB "Domain Price Widget" » "Currently available Domain Promo List"
  • Added: Import Tool for Cloud Hosting Services

Version 2.9.5 (Top)
Release Date: 01/08/2016

  • Bugfix: Reseller Domain Bulk move domains limited to only "Active" Domains
  • Bugfix: Domain Import nextinvoicedate must be same as expiredate and nextduedate
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs as per the available LogicBoxes Registrars TLD list
  • Updated: DailyCron triggered action hooks changed from "DailyCronJob" to "AfterCronJob"

Version 2.10.0 (Top)
Release Date: 07/11/2016

  • Added: Support for WHMCS 7 and PHP 7
  • Updated: Whois Server Setup Tool for the new WHMCS 7 whois.json domain lookup file
  • Updated: RAA Domain Tool and Report shows unverified domains which are nonexistent in WHMCS but in reseller account
  • Updated: Intergration for missing services: Cloud Hosting
  • Updated: Manage Promo Tool, activate "sale" label for Spotlight TLDs (whmcs 7 only)
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs as per the available LogicBoxes Registrars TLD list
  • Bugfix: Move Domain to another customer was not updating recurring prices if currency is different
  • Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 2.10.1 (Top)
Release Date: 03/12/2016

  • Bugfix: Domain Price Widget does not show selling prices without active domain promos
  • Bugfix: Timestamp wrong in Activity Log when domain promo update hook runs with the daily cron
  • Bugfix: Import Products tool fails with PDOException under certain circumstances
  • Bugfix: Minor bug fixes with declare functions under certain circumstances

Version 2.10.2 (Top)
Release Date: 15/12/2016

  • Implemented: Patch against the WHMCS Bug CORE-10724 sending custom admin emails in html code with the Internal API from WHMCS
  • Changed: RAA Report, Promo Update Report and Domain Recurring Price Update hooks changed from AfterCronJob to DailyCronJob to avoid being executed each time the cron.php is called
  • Bugfix: PDO Exception in Domain Price List Widget for individual TLD and Promo list
  • Changed: PDO Exception in all Product Import tools except for the Single Domain Legacy and DIY Sitebuilder Import tool due to the missing billing cycle in the API Response for Services to be imported. The Billing cycle will be set to the lowest available Billing cycle until ResellerClub provides the real billing cycle for active services.
  • Changed: Move domain tool does not allow new domain contacts due to the new IRT Policy from ICANN. Domains can be moved only with the current Domain contacts

Version 2.10.3 (Top)
Release Date: 09/03/2017

  • Updated: Admin Home widget to match whmcs 7 widget style
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs as per the available LogicBoxes Registrars TLD list
  • Updated: whois server setup tool requires whmcs standard whois as lookup provider
  • Updated: export customer tool to show the exact api error message when export fails
  • Updated: export customer tool address 1 and 2 chars length max set to 64 as per the registrar requirements
  • Bugfix: PDO Exception in Domain Import Tool
  • Bugfix: License validation issue with apache 2.4.25 (hotfix 2.10.2)

Version 2.11.0 (Top)
Release Date: 10/10/2017

  • Updated: Google Currency API Url has changed, affecting profit margin calculation in TLDs & Price Import Tool
  • Updated: Filtering blank spaces in configuration form fields
  • Updated: whoislookup.php for all new GA and Pre GA TLDs as per the available LogicBoxes Registrars TLD list
  • Updated: Adding new database tables honoring the database collation settings
  • Updated: Added configuration form field to exclude TLDs from domain price sync
  • Updated: Added IP Addon support to Cloud Hosting Import Tool
  • Updated: Added OS Addon support to Dedicated Linux and Windows geolocation IN Import Tool
  • Updated: Configuration form dropdown for TLD qty of Domain suggestions changed to text field
  • Updated: Pro active Transfer handling send mails to customer limited to once a day
  • Updated: OrderBox Control Panel Shopping Cart Integration for google suite, wordpress and weebly
  • Updated: Hardcoded language strings and update on all language files
  • Implemented: Configuration field to define template theme for domain suggestion and move domain
  • Implemented: Import Tool for KVM VPS Server Services
  • Implemented: Import Tool for Google Suite Services
  • Implemented: Import Tool for Wordpress Hosting Services
  • Bugfix: Auto Promo Update cron always applies Telescope Pricing disabled on promo end
  • Bugfix: Domain Import tool not showing domains if customer email contains uppercase chars
  • Bugfix: Domain Import tool incorrect domains displayed under certain circumstances
  • Bugfix: Todo list not updated to completed when domain transfer has been completed

Version 2.11.1 (Top)
Release Date: 11/10/2017

  • Bugfix: Domain TLD selling price bulk and cron fails due to undefined function
  • Bugfix: Domain TLD selling price bulk and cron applies Telescope Pricing always disabled
  • Bugfix: New database table mod_resellerclubmodstransfer not created with new installation

Version 2.12.0 (Top)
Release Date: 19/03/2018

  • Deprecated: Support for PHP 5.3 and Ioncube Loaders 4.1.x. Minium requirements PHP 5.4.x and Ioncube Loaders 5.1.x
  • Updated: Ready for Ioncube Loaders 10.1, PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2
  • Updated: Ready for WHMCS 7.5.x
  • Updated: Overall code improvements and minor bugfixes

Version 2.12.1 (Top)
Release Date: 20/03/2018

  • Bugfix: domainpricelist widget throws error 404 not found

Version 2.12.2 (Top)
Release Date: 22/03/2018

  • Bugfix: Segmentation fault on several scripts due to an ioncube issue with loader 10.1.0 and newly added encrypt functions

Version 2.12.3 (Top)
Release Date: 05/04/2018

  • Import TLD's & Prices
    • Updated: Google Currency API no longer available, affecting displaying the conversion of cost prices and percentage for "Your Profit Margin".
    • Updated: TLDs setting incorrectly displayed and not working due to scheme changes in WHMCS tbldomainpricing table
  • API Whois Server Setup
    • Updated: New API Endpoint for domain lookup https://domaincheck.httpapi.com fails on some reseller accounts. Added patch to use conditionally the global API endpoint https://httpapi.com if new endpoint fails

Version 2.13.0 (Top)
Release Date: 23/10/2018

  • Customer Signup/Update
  • Domain Pricelist Widget
    • Implemented: Redemption fees from the whmcs database or default via API
    • Updated: Overall improvements
  • Import TLD's & Prices
    • Implemented: Import/Update for Redemption Fees and Days
    • Implemented: Domain sync selling prices Cron for Redemption Fees and Days sync (disabled by default)
    • Updated: Changed toggle forms for price input to modal bootstrap
    • Updated: Overall improvements
  • Import Domains
    • Updated: Re-coded and highly improved. Up to 10 times faster
    • Updated: Display limit increased to support 100 and 500 records per page
    • Updated: Import cycle increased to support 100 and 500 domains to be imported at once
  • Import Products/Services
    • Updated: Re-coded and highly improved. Up to 10 times faster
    • Updated: Display limit increased to support 100 and 500 records per page
    • Updated: Import cycle increased to support 100 and 500 domains to be imported at once
    • Updated: Support for HK Dedicated Server Import
    • Updated: Support for KVM SSD Addons
    • Bugfix: Import Cloud/Wordpress services, additional RAM Addons not updated and re-calculated recurring price
  • API Whois Server Setup
    • Updated: Support added to allow WHMCS Namespinner as a valid Lookup Provider
  • Clientarea Move Domain Tool
    • Updated: Removed new contact create on move (deprecated by Resellerclub)
    • Implemented: Sub-account domain management permissions
    • Implemented: Link to move tool exposed only for domains registered with logicboxes registrars


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