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FREE ResellerClub & LogicBoxes Tools for WHMCS

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FREE ResellerClub & LogicBoxes Tools v2

Pro Active Transfer Handling, OrderBox Integration with AutoAuth and a lot of exciting improvements now available!

Working seamlessly with any LogicBoxes reseller accounts (resellerclub, NetEarthOne,, etc. etc.), products and services through your WHMCS system requires additional tools. It is both annoying and not completely professional to not make changes reflect in reseller accounts when the changes have been made in your WHMCS system.

We have been working on both systems since many years and have developed certain utilities which we believe will be very handy for your day to day Domain reseller business.

These are absolute essentials for your business. Hence we have decided to offer it to you without charging any fee. You need not pay anything under "Free ResellerClub Tools". Simply signup and order your license which will grant you the use of the software for free.

These tools will be useful for you as it will save time and make your work easier as a ResellerClub / LogicBoxes reseller using WHMCS. We hope to automate things as much as possible for your business. Do you like these FREE Tools? Please vote our FREE Addon at whmcs

The FREE Tool Box includes up to date 40 useful utilities and growing up!

  • New! Sort TLD's alphabetically with one click
  • New! Compatibility Support for WHMCS v6
  • OrderBox Integration - Redirect your autenticated OrderBox customers to your WHMCS pages
  • Update Domain Recurring Prices - Automatically update all your recurring prices each day with the daily cron
  • Pro active Transfer Handling - Inform your customers what they need to do with stalled and failed domain transfers
  • Domain Price List Widget - Now with Pre-GA Label and the ICANN mandatory Restore Pricelist
  • Import CodeGuard Plans - Import CodeGuard plans from your reseller account into WHMCS
  • Import Sitelock Plans - Import Sitelock plans from your reseller account into WHMCS
  • Whoisservers.php setup tool - Accurate Domain availability check using API and full whois lookup results
  • Import Dedicated Servers - Import Dedicated Server accounts from your reseller account into your WHMCS
  • Manual Domain Promo - Activate your own Domain Promos for Register, Transfer and Renewals
  • Option flags for Daily Cron - Skip Daily cron controlled hooks with option flags
  • RAA Domain Management - Manage RAA pending Domains at a glance with this new and easy to use interface
  • RAA Domain Cron - Daily cron pending verification Report via Email. Stay informed about all RAA pending domains
  • Override Default Nameservers - Transparently override the Default Nameservers in WHMCS per registrar module/account
  • Import & Setup Domain TLD's and Prices - Setup your TLD's and Import/Update your Domain selling Prices in WHMCS
  • Domain Price Sync Cron - Maintain your Domain Selling Prices in your Reseller Account and sync your selling prices in WHMCS
  • Import Enterprise Email Plans - Import your active/suspended Enterprise Email Hosting Plans for each customer
  • Update Domain Recurring Pricing - Update the recurring price for all domains based on your update criterias
  • Reseller Domain Bulk move - Move some or all Domains from your Reseller Account to another Reseller Account
  • Manage TLD's & Domains - Change the Registrar Module for TLD, Domains, Enable / disable Domain Addons and more
  • Domain Promo Price List Widget - WHMCS Domain Price List with highlighted active Domain Promo Prices
  • Import VPS Plans - Import your active/suspended VPS Server Plans for each customer
  • Client Area Domainsbot - Suggest Domain Name Tool to offer Domain Name Suggestion in WHMCS
  • Client Area Move Domain - Allow / Disallow Customers to move domains to other Customers in WHMCS and reseller account
  • Domain Import - Import 100's of domains within seconds for all your customers or per each Customer
  • Import Single Hosting - Import Geo Single Domain Linux, Windows, Email, DIY Sitebuilder and legacy Hosting for each customer
  • Import Multi Hosting - Import Geo Multi Domain Linux and Windows Hosting Plans for each customer
  • Import Bulk Hosting - Import Geolocated Reseller Linux and Windows Bulk Hosting Plans for each customer
  • Import Thawte Certificates - Import SSL Thawte 123, Webserver, Wildcard and SuperCert SGC Certificates for each customer
  • Promo Domain Management - Manage Domain Promos directly in WHMCS. Fully automated with Auto Promo Update cron
  • Threshold Funds Management - Your Funds Threshold at a glance in the Home Admin! Threshold management with mail alert
  • Domain Transfer Check - Check manually pending Domain Transfers.
  • Domain Transfer Cron - Enable Pending Domain Transfers automatically and send a Confirmation mail to your Customer.
  • Auto Customer Signup - Add Customers automatically to your reseller account when register or you add them manually.
  • Auto Customer Modify - Applies the changes from the WHMCS customer profile to the customer profile in your reseller account.
  • Auto Customer Delete - Deletes the customer account from your reseller account when deleting from WHMCS.
  • Move Domain / Services - Move a Domain and associated Services in WHMCS and in your Reseller Account automatically!
  • Multi Account Switcher - Manage 4 Reseller Accounts at once with the new Reseller account switcher!
  • Import Customers - Import your Reseller accunt Customers into your WHMCS, including customer funds available if needed.
  • Export Customers - Export your WHMCS user into your Reseller account (one-click direct register).


WHMCS v5 Multi Registrar Funds Balance Home Widget!
RC & LB Tools v2 funds balance widget

FREE ResellerClub & LogicBoxes Tools v2 screenshots

Free Tools Addon Home Transer check and Domainsync Automation Tools Export WHMCS users to Reseller account Import Reseller account customers into WHMCS Import Domains per User and Bulk Import Products/Services into WHMCS
Bulk Manage TLDs and Domains Check Pending Domain Transfers Manage Domain Promos Move domains/services in WHMCS and in Reseller Account RAA Domain Management Bulk move domains between Reseller Accounts
Domainsbot Domain Name Suggestion Tool Client Area Move Domain Tool WHMCS Domain Price list with highlighted Promo Prices Whoisservers.php Setup tool


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