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Resellerclub Advanced Management Email Interface for WHMCS

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R.A.M.E.I - ResellerClub Advanced Management EMAIL Interface

Resellerclub & LogicBoxes Registrars provides with every domain free but limited Email Hosting. Your customers can manage this service through LogicBoxes proprietary OrderBox control panel. Unfortunately the resellerclub interface cannot be implemented into your WHMCS system to fit your corporate website design and you need to provide to your customers an external login link to the mail management interface, outside your WHMCS control panel and outside your WHMCS domain.

The WHMCS control panel does not offer any email hosting management interface and only offers a simple standard mail forwarding interface which allows only setup for email forwarders.

But Resellerclub & LogicBoxes FREE Email hosting service is much more than forwarding an email! You can create and manage email accounts and forward-only accounts. The paid email hosting service further allows you to create and manage Mailing lists. Every feature for the Free Email and also for Enterprise/Business Email, Legacy Linux/Windows and DIY Sitebuilder hosting plans can now be easily managed om the WHMCS client area.

Our Resellerclub Advanced Management EMAIL Interface for WHMCS takes 100% care about all the features available for Resellerclub & LogicBoxes Free and Enterprise/Business Email hosting service and can be implemented for domain management (Free Email Hosting) and product management with our Provisioning Modules for Business / Enterprise Email and Single Domain Hosting.

Look for yourself, how you can gain and present your customers with every email feature that ResellerClub and other LogicBoxes Registrars provides from within your WHMCS interface.

Key Features

  • Full Management Support for FREE Emails with domains
  • Full Management Support for Enterprise and Business Email (requires Enterprise / Business Provisioning R.E.E.Hosting module)
  • Full Management Support for Legacy Linux/Windows and DIY Sitebuiler (requires Single Domain Provisioning R.S.D.Hosting module)
  • Automated language handling with fallback to english if selected language does not exist and with override language system
  • Support for IDN Domains
  • Bulk Create Email Accounts
  • Bulk Delete and Bulk suspend Email Accounts
  • Bulk Delete Mailinglist Members
  • Enable / Disalbe FREE Mail Service if domain has hosting account
  • Multi LogicBoxes Support for ResellerClub, Resell.biz, NetEarthOne, Resellercamp, etc.
  • Activate/Deactivate Name Server check and Auto Change function to the required LogicBoxes partially / fully branded DNS servers
  • Automatically offers the WHMCS standard Email Forwarding Management Interface if the domain is not registered with a LogicBoxes Registrar
  • Manage, Create, Modify and Delete Email and Email forwarding only accounts
  • Manage, Create, Modify and Delete Maillinglist
  • Manage, Create and Delete Moderators and Members
  • Manage Admin Mail Forwarders for Email Accounts and Email Forward only Accounts
  • Manage Email Domain Aliases
  • Pagination and sorting for email accounts and maillists fully integrated
  • Template and Style based on WHMCS five, six and bootstrap compatible templates
  • Language files available for English and Spanish. You can add your own languages by simply translating the main English file
  • Shows if domain is configured with the correct DNS setup required and offers easy solutions
  • 1-click DNS Nameserver Auto Change to the required DNS servers

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