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RCM - Resellerclub Mods

Terms of Service

By registering an account and / or purchase of any product or service, you accept in full all conditions and policies outlined in these Terms of Service:

TERMS OF SERVICE - Privacy Policy

We collect your personal information when you signup or make an order on our website. This information is kept in our database for our own use but will never be given or sold to any other parties.

Read more: Privacy Policy

TERMS OF SERVICE - Signup Policy

When sign up an account with us you are requested to provide accurate personal data. User accounts are unique and we do not allow multiple accounts for the same Customer and / or Company.

Read more: Signup Policy

TERMS OF SERVICE - License Policy

Any kind of Software Licences from Resellerclub Mods are bound to the Customer and / or Company who purchased the Product, indeed, the use of a license is limited to the Customer or Company who has acquired the rights of use.

Read more: License Policy

TERMS OF SERVICE - Delivery Policy

By default, all leased and owned licenses are issued instantly upon receipt of payment. However, the first order is reviewed manually and therefor not be processed automatically.

Read more: Delivery Policy

TERMS OF SERVICE - Renewal Policy

Our renewal policy does not force you to renew leased licences or addons. However, our system will send three invoice reminders on the first, third and sixth day after due date. If an invoice is not paid 24 hours after the seventh day from the due date, the service will be terminated and the invoice cancelled automatically.

Read more: Renewal Policy

TERMS OF SERVICE - Refund Policy

We do generally not refund any purchased license except under circumstances stipulated in the Eula. To avoid a disagreement with this policy we strongly suggest the use of monthly leased licences before you buy owned licences.

Read more: Refund Policy

TERMS OF SERVICE - Mailing Policy

All Customers are automatically subscribed to our announcements when registered. We send out regular announcements and news regarding our products and services such as new releases and important updates and features.

Read more: Mailing Policy

TERMS OF SERVICE - Cookie Policy

We use cookies to help provide you with a better, faster, and safer experience. Below we explain how we, our partners, and other third parties use these cookies.

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TERMS OF SERVICE - Affiliation System Policy

Effective Date: Abril 07, 2014

By activating your Customer account and participating in our Affiliation program, you accept automatically our Affiliation System Policy.

Read more: Affiliation Policy

TERMS OF SERVICE - End User License Agreement

By installing, copying, or otherwise using the Software, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this EULA, including the WARRANTY DISCLAIMERS, LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY, and TERMINATION PROVISIONS. If you do not agree to the terms of this EULA do not install or use the Software.

Read more: Eula

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We just released for all v3 and v4 Modules updates to be in compliance with the new upcoming WHMCS 7.5 system requirements for PHP 7.1. All modules have been reviewed and updated where necessary to work with PHP 7.1 and also to address some bugfixes.

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