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TERMS OF SERVICE - Affiliation System Policy

Effective Date: Abril 07, 2014

By activating your Customer account and participating in our Affiliation program, you accept automatically our Affiliation System Policy.

Please note that we do not allow self referrals. Self referred sales are considered fraudulent. Should we detect self referred sales, your account will be closed immediately and pending commissions will not be paid.

We pay on the following products commissions for every sales that comes via your custom refer link:

  • Monthly Licences - 15%
  • Owned Licences - 30%
  • Installation & Update Services - 5%

- Commissions are always recurring if not explicitly stated in the Affiliation System Policy
- Commissions properly validated will be retained for 32 days to allow refunds, disputes and fraud control

All payments will be made exclusively via PayPal. We do not pay with checks, Bank Wire transfers nor any other payment method.

  • We only make payouts using your customer account email address. Should your PayPal email address not match with your customer account email address, then you must associate the customer account email address in your PayPal account, under "My Account" » "Profile" » "Add or Remove Email" or change in our Client Area » "My Profile" your current email with your PayPal email.

  • Payments will be made each month between 1st and 5th provided the account balance reaches a minimum of EUR20.00 and the "Request Withdrawal" has been initiated from the Affiliation Control panel before start of the next month. Request Withdrawal initiated at begin of a month will be processed next month

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