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TERMS OF SERVICE - Privacy Policy

We collect your personal information when you signup or make an order on our website. This information is kept in our database for our own use but will never be given or sold to any other parties.

Your data is used to create a profile about you and to send you marketing communications only related to our products and service Portfolio. More information about Mailing and Announcements can be found under the "Mailing Policy".

You can modify your profile data by accessing your profile from our client area. We do not collect nor store any kind of credit card information. Credit Card Payments are redirected to the Santander Bank and/or PayPal.

This website uses other companies to collect data about how you use this site such as the pages you visited, how long you were on a page to understand how people use our site. This site also stores harmless cookies on your computer for a better user experience. More information about cookies can be found under the "Cookie Policy"

For unregister your account with us and get eliminated all your profile data, open a ticket from our client area and request unsubscription

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We are ready for the next round ...

... and very proud to announce the immediate availability of all our modules for WHMCS 7.5.0 - RC 1 and backwards compatible till WHMCS 6.0.0!

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