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TEMA: reseller id and api changed but domain pricing not reflected

reseller id and api changed but domain pricing not reflected 2 años 6 meses antes #651

  • neol
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I created a new reseller account at resellerclub. So I updated whmcs RC addon with new id, api and ip white listed and verified. Everything is green and good. Now in my old account reseller selling currency was inr with 20% profit added.

In this new account reseller seller currency in usd with 1% profit added. I have my reason but the point is that now domain prices have not updated in whmcs. They are still in inr with 20% markup.

I changed reseller currency and put Default multiplicator value to 1. I am using netearthone and also updated it with the new info.

I remember the first time I added, I had to manually import tlds and prices. So how do I updated new tlds and prices in whmcs?

When I go to domain pricing under setup - product/services, and click open pricing, its not updated.

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reseller id and api changed but domain pricing not reflected 2 años 6 meses antes #652

  • Marco
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Hi neol,

In first instance, make sure you have a correct currency setup for the free tools:

Default multiplicator: This should only be changed if your currency is calculated in 1000 like for example COP.

Activate Currency Conversion: Be careful with this option. Do not activate the checkbox if the default selling currency in WHMCS is eq to the default selling currency in your reseller account.

NOTE: Whenever you change the account settings, reload the reseller account from the FREE Tools home by selecting the account from the dropdown menu "Change to:"

In order to update the tld selling prices:

1. Select the Reseller Account with the new settings
2. Goto the tool "Import TLD's & Prices" and use the button "Bulk Update Selling Prices"

Additionally you can setup a cron job to automate the update: Automation Tools => Automated Domain Price Sync. Make sure you pass the reseller id from the new reseller account

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