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TEMA: Transfer domain with email

Transfer domain with email 5 años 11 meses antes #163

I have been trolling the web and think I have the safest procedure for this but wanted to double check the process when moving a client to paid email hosting. I assume there are people here who have done this many times. This is my first time transferring a client's emails so want to ensure everything will go without a hitch.
  1. Create paid email hosting service for client.
  2. Check DNS records have been created and add A record(s) for the clients current website.
  3. Create all email addresses in the new hosting service. I am assuming we will have full access to create the addresses at this time.
  4. Forward current email addresses to a "safe" email address so emails won't get lost during the service transfer.
  5. Change the nameservers at the client's domain registrar to mine.
  6. Wait for propagation of the DNS and ensure new email accounts are working.
  7. Initiate transfer of the client's domain to my account via the usual method
Have I missed anything or should I change the order of any of the steps.

Many Thanks
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Re: Transfer domain with email 5 años 11 meses antes #164

  • Marco
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These steps are correct and you will have a seemless migration without loosing any mails.

However, point 4 is not clear for me and does not make sense:

While you setup the new email hosting plan, mails are still delivered to the actual mail server. You just need to change the DNS servers when ready as you mention in point 5 and setup in your mail client the same email accounts using the new mail server (pop/smtp). In that way you will have during 24-48 hours mails incoming from both servers, the old and the new one. Past 48-72 hours most probably no incoming mails will be arrive from the old mail server and you can delete the old mail client setup.

Concerning point 3: Yes, this was recently changed at RC and we can create Mail accounts and Mail forwarder accounts even if the ownership is not verified.

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Re: Transfer domain with email 5 años 11 meses antes #165

Thanks Marco. I hadn't thought about having the email address twice in the mail client using the both the old and new mail servers to avoid missing emails. What I meant in Point 4 was to forward the current email address to a gmail address (or something like that) so emails wouldn't be missed in the transition. Your suggestion gets around that problem.

Darren Burns
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