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TEMA: Important API Access changes!

Important API Access changes! 3 años 5 meses antes #464

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Hi All,

ResellerClub / LogicBoxes has applied today the recently announced API security improvements:
With a view to strengthening system security, we will be implementing the IP address-to-reseller information mapping in our system. While this may be something that you’ve already streamlined on your side, we wanted to bring this to your attention, so if any changes are to be made, they can be made promptly.

Until date, if an IP address was whitelisted in our system, our firewall would allow access to our API servers from any account for the whitelisted IP, irrespective of the IP being whitelisted for the particular account for which the API calls are being sent.

With this new implementation, to run an API call for an account, the required web servers IP address will need to be whitelisted in the appropriate reseller account itself.

To explain this further:

Current implementation:

Reseller 1: Has whitelisted the IP:

Reseller 2: Has not whitelisted any IP address.

Reseller 2 will be able to send API requests from the IP address: as this has been whitelisted on our firewall by some other user.

New implementation:

Reseller 2 will now have to whitelist the IP: from his control panel: Settings >> API in order to make API calls for his account.

With this change it is now essential that you whitelist IP addresses for the correct reseller accounts. We will be making this change live today.

Feel free to get in touch with the support team or your account manager if you needed any further assistance with the same.

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