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TEMA: Do you know how easy it is to setup new TLD’s?

Do you know how easy it is to setup new TLD’s? 3 años 9 meses antes #481

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Setting up new TLD’s manually in whmcs is an arduous task. You need to know your basics well such as “epp code” requirements, id protection compatibility and the respective tenures available for these TLD’s.

Once you have the TLD with all the selling prices configured, you need to setup the whoisservers.php file with the correct whois server information for proper working of check availability. This step implies gathering the necessary whois server information and modifying the whoisservers.php file from your WHMCS.

All the above steps typically would take about 30 minutes.

However, these steps can be setup with a few clicks using the Resellerclub Mods FREE Tools, completely automated in less than 1 minute and you need not bother with any details or specific TLD requirements:

  1. Goto the FREE Tool “Import TLD's & Prices”
  2. Click the TLD from the red colored box you want to setup in WHMCS
  3. From the Auto Registration dropdown select the registrar module
  4. Click the “Setup this TLD”

You can now import your selling prices directly from your reseller account! Simply click one of the two import options and then the click “Import Prices”.

Now you need to set up the domain lookup to offer domain register/transfer in WHMCS. The FREE Tools suite does this for you!

  1. Goto the FREE Tool “Whois Servers Setup”
  2. From the Menu list “WHMCS TLD List” select the TLD you just have set up
  3. Click the button “Update whoisservers.php”

Your new TLD is now fully configured and you can offer domain register/transfer with your WHMCS.

You can also do the same for all new Pre GA TLD’s! Our Registrar Module offers the necessary support to sell now Pre General Available TLD’s. You can have a look at www.resellerclub-mod...r-modules/lcdrm.html for further details about our fully featured and 100% compatible LogicBoxes Registrar Module.

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