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TEMA: Transfercheck.php - not passing id

Transfercheck.php - not passing id 1 año 4 meses antes #733


I been having trouble with this

php -q /home/athwebho/public_html/billing/modules/addons/resellerclubmods_tools/cron/resellerclubmods_transfercheck.php 123456

I have check the details and copied this from the WHMCS instructions. The transfer check works manually when clicked from the addon menu.

The cron error I am receiving is

you need to pass your id

Could anyone help me with this please ?


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Transfercheck.php - not passing id 1 año 4 meses antes #734

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Passing variables using the php -q method (php cli) requires the php directive register_argc_argv set to On (or 1) in the php.ini file. The same is necessary if you want to use option flags from WHMCS with the daily cron.

If you have a vps or dedicated server, then this should not be a problem. If you use a shared hosting account, then I would recommend to contact your hosting provider. Some providers, like ResellerClub, allows the use of a custom php.ini while others do not offer any solution or workaround.

An other solution to get this working would be using the GET method instead of php -q for the cronjob.

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