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Unauthorized Access Attempt - code 2

The error message "Unauthorized Access Attempt - code 2" can appear if:

  • you are logged in on behalf of a customer which is not the legitim customer of the domain in your reseller account
  • the customer has changed the email address in WHMCS and you have not changed the same for the customer in your reseller account
  • you have moved the domain to another customer in WHMCS but not in your reseller account

Basically it means that there is a mismatch between the customers email address in whmcs and the customers email address in your reseller account. To resolve the issue you need to set the same email address in WHMCS and in your reseller account for the customer

Further, to avoid user email mismatches you should install our FREE Tools. The "Auto Customer modify" tool automatically updates all changes made by the user or the admin in the customer profile from your reseller account

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