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Client and Admin Area Language Files

Default Languages

All Modules includes by default English and Spanish Language files. Language files are centralized in the Resellerclub Mods Console Addon and located in /modules/addons/resellerclubmods_core/modlang/ folder

All Modules comes with a fallback mecanism to load the default English translation if your customers use your client area in a language for which our modules does not offer a language specific file

Adding a New Language

If a WHMCS language you operate is not available for our modules, then you can create your own translation. Here's how:

  1. Begin by opening the default language file for the module. For example, if you plan to add the new language file for the LCD Registrar Module, then open English_client_lcdrm.php
  2. Save this file with the new language name - For example, French_client_lcdrm.php The first char must be capital letter
  3. Once the file has been created, you can then begin going through and translating the lines within it
  4. An example line is as follows - you should only change the part between the double quotes:

    $_LANG['lcdrm_suggesttitle'] = "You may be interested in these suggested domain names";

    Be careful not to delete any of the quotation marks (") around the text strings or the semi-colons on the ends of each line (;). Also should you want to use a quote character (") within your translated text, you must escape it - for example: \" The language files are written in PHP syntax so valid PHP code must be maintained.

Overriding Language Strings

We are now introducing the new override system in all our products and we do not recommend editing the original files located in /modules/addons/resellerclubmods_core/modlang/ directly. They are often overwritten during software upgrades to introduce new and updated text and you will lose your custom translations

Instead we recommend that you use overrides which allow you to customise the default variables with your own in a way which can be safely preserved through the upgrade process.

  1. Create the folder 'override' within the 'modlang' folder
  2. Create the language file you want to override. For example, to create an override for the English_client_lcdrm.php language you create /modlang/override/English_client_lcdrm.php
  3. Enter the variable(s) you wish to override. For example, if you wanted to change "You may be interested in these suggested domain names" you would locate the proper variable within ./modlang/English_client_lcdrm.php and place it into the overrides english file with your preferred change:


    $_LANG['lcdrm_suggesttitle'] = "You may be interested in these suggested domain names";


    $_LANG['lcdrm_suggesttitle'] = "Suggested domain names";

Language file Naming Convention

All language files are named as follow and case sensitive. First char always starts with capital letter: Languagename_type_name.php

LCD Registrar Module
  • Client Area: English_client_lcdrm.php
  • Admin Area: English_admin_lcdrm.php, English_admin_default.php
RSD Hosting Module
  • Client Area: English_client_rcsdh.php
  • Admin Area: English_admin_rcsdh.php, English_admin_default.php
RMD Hosting Module
  • Client Area: English_client_rcmdh.php
  • Admin Area: English_admin_rcmdh.php, English_admin_default.php
RRD Hosting Module
  • Client Area: English_client_rcrdh.php
  • Admin Area: English_admin_rcrdh.php, English_admin_default.php
REE Hosting Module
  • Client Area: English_client_rceeh.php
  • Admin Area: English_admin_rceeh.php, English_admin_default.php
RDH Server Module
  • Client Area: English_client_rcdhs.php
  • Admin Area: English_admin_rcdhs.php, English_admin_default.php
RVP Server Module
  • Client Area: English_client_rcvps.php
  • Admin Area: English_admin_rcvps.php, English_admin_default.php
RAM Cert Interface / Module
  • Client Area: English_client_rccert.php
  • Admin Area: English_admin_rccert.php, English_admin_default.php
RAM Dns Interface
  • Client Area: English_client_rcdns.php
RAM Email Interface
  • Client Area: English_client_rcmail.php
REM Domain Interface
  • Client Area: English_client_rcdom.php

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