We are proud to announce the new FREE ResellerClub & LogicBoxes Tools v2.2 which has been launced today with improvements and 2 new tools!

What's new in v2.2

The Domain TLD & Pricing Import tool has been improved and the Import/Update step has been separated into individual steps. It is now better visible which TLD has been setup for importing your selling prices.

We have also added your cost prices for Register, Renew, Transfer and Restore.

Another feature which was requested has been implemented. You can now with the Pricing Import or Update Increase or Decrease the selling prices instantly by indicating a monetary value such as 0.20 or -0.20

NEW - Move Domain / Services

WHMCS has this build in. You can move a domain or a product from one customer to another. But you are not able to move a Domain with all associated Products based on the domain name in a 1-step action from one customer to another thus you have to do it manually. And you have to do same in your Reseller Account. With this new FREE Tool, this is now all in one possible. Just select the actual customer, the domain name and the new customer. The tool does the rest for you.

NEW - Domain Transfer Check

You can now check all Pending Domain Transfers with this Tool. If a domain transfer has been completed in your Reseller Account, the tool updates the Domain status from "Transfer Pending" to "Active". Also the To-Do-List will be updated from "In Progress" to "Completed". Optionally you can activate the "Send Email confirmation". The tool sends out a confirmation email with your custom email template using the WHMCS build-in Send Mail API. You can automate the Domain Transfer Check tool with a cronjob. The cronjob does exactly the same as you would do manually with the tool.

Your feedback is essential!

We hope you like the new FREE Tools Box. We are always open to suggestions for further improvements. Make your feature request or place a feedback in our forum or Facebook. We always evaluate your wishes and will do our best to make it possible!

Best regards,
Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro

Saturday, 07 April, 2012

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