ResellerClub has recentely announced deprecation of all legacy Linux and Windows hosting plans, also known as "Webservice" Hosting plans. Legacy Hosting plans have been offered with a limited OpenXchange Business Email service instead of the cPanel built-in Email service like for all geolocated single domain hosting plans.

Post 30 November 2018, ResellerClub will perform the Web splitting of all legacy Linux and Windows hosting Orders. See for further details. If you have Customers still using legacy linux or windows hosting services in your WHMCS, then you need to perform additional steps to reflect the changes.

Prerequisites for the Migration steps

Once Resellerclub has splitted your legacy web hosting Orders, follow the below example guide to adjust the settings in WHMCS for each service domain

  1. The following image shows you a service domain which is configured with a legacy linux hosting plan and have been splitted by Resellerclub. You need to change the associated product by selecting the correct Single Domain Hosting product from the Products/Services Dropdown Menu. Hold on until WHMCS has loaded and saved the changes:

    Linux Legacy Hosting Service

  2. The following image shows now the new associated product for the service domain. Adjust now to the correct next due date and save the changes:

    Geo Single Domain Hosting Service

  3. The next step is importing the new created Business/Enterprise Email Hosting Order and you can do this very easy with the new AutoImport Tool from the v4 Core Addon:

    AutoImport Business Email

  4. And finally, the Business Email sevice is now available too in WHMCS for you and your Customer:

    AutoImport Business Email

What's next?

You should now create the renewal invoice for the Web hosting service and the Business Email service. You can do this in WHMCS from the Customer details TAB "Summary" by selecting the service and clicking the Button "Invoice selected Items". For further details about invoicing in WHMCS visit

We hope that this small guide will help you to manage the upcoming changes!

Best regards,
Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro

Friday, 30 November, 2018

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