The upcoming new v4.4 major release of the v4 modules series has just entered into BETA and we are very excited to share with you some highlights!

What's in?

  • The most requested, the Core Addon Home Admin Widget - This new widget will provide details and direct access of the installed modules and the available updates.

    Home Admin Widget
  • Our Advanced Module Debugging Tool - WHMCS comes with a built-in module debugging tool. However, its handling becomes difficult when there are many mixed records of all WHMCS built-in and 3rd party modules. In addition, these records are only available if the tool has been previously activated and most likely it is not when errors occur which complicates troubleshooting even more. Our own tool offers the logs always instantly without the need to activate anything.

    Module Debugging Tool
  • Premium Addons - We have introduced offering of premium addons with our licenses. These addons will be offered very soon and will facilitate the acquisition of special services such as custom modules features, multi licensing on a single WHMCS instance, Premium Update/install Services, etc. etc.

What's more?

Bug fixes and improvements in all modules, an improved license check routine and of course, full support for all WHMCS versions from v6.3 to the latest v7.9 to come very soon.

When are all the new updates available?

Launch of the finale releases will happen after the official release of the stable WHMCS v7.9. This will allow us to guarantee full support and all modules fully tested for the new upcoming latest stable WHMCS v7.9 release.

For any further doubts or questions do not hesitate to comment this announcement. Your feedback is very important to us!

Best regards,
Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro

Wednesday, 27 November, 2019

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