We are very exited to announce the immediate availability of new major releases for all our Modules and Addons, ready for the latest new major WHMCS 7.9 release! All Modules have been exhaustively tested and are valid for WHMCS 6.3 - 7.9 with PHP 5.6 - 7.3.

We have added new features as well as applied bugfixes and improvements throughout all Modules and Addons and we strongly believe that you will be as happy with the outcome as we are!

Support for Cloud, Dualstack and HA Environments!

Our new License check routine offers now full support for all Modules running WHMCS in Cloud, Dualstack and High Availability Environments! Earlier it was necessary to request via ticket addition of IPv6 ip's or multiple ip's to avoid License check failures.

This has now been come to end! If you have WHMCS installed in environments where ip's are randomly changing or where outbound connections to our licensing server are made randomly with different ip's, then you can request the new Cloud Extension Addon for all your licences. This Addon is offered for free and only requires an active license (leased license) or the Addon Support & Updates in force (free and owned licences).

Client Area non invasive license check routine

We have revamped our license check routine in all Modules and Addons! This said, no more license invalid messages or "Oops!" messages in your WHMCS Client Area. Furthermore, any kind of licensing related error and warning messages are now completely limited to the admin area. Your Customers will no more see such undesired messages.

Improvements and New Features for the v4 Serie

Core Addon Home Admin Widget - The new admin area home widget will provide details at a glance of all v4 modules with direct access to manage and update.

Home Admin Widget


Advanced Module Debugging Tool - WHMCS comes with a built-in module debugging tool. However, its handling becomes difficult when there are many mixed records of all WHMCS built-in and 3rd party modules. In addition, these records are only available if the tool has been previously activated and most likely it is not when errors occur which complicates troubleshooting even more. Our own tool offers the logs always instantly without the need to activate first module debugging.

Module Debugging Tool


Comodo Certificate AutoRenew Enrollment - One of the features found in our module is the reusage of the CSR used with the first enrollment. This has simplified renewal since it was not necessary to search the previous CSR or creating a new CSR. However, it was still necessary to perform the Renew enrollment manually after the renewing of the SSL Certificate. Now it is no longer necessary to enroll manually. Upon payment of the Renewal Invoice, the Certificate Renew Enrollment will happen automatically. However, the new automation feature only works with newly provisioned Certificates. Current Certificates already in your system only have the CSR stored and the AutoRenew feature needs to be activated first in order to automate renew enrollment. Activation can be performed from the Admin Area or by the Customer from the Client Area:

AutRenew Enroll Comodo Certificates


Have you ordered recently an installation service?

If you have purchased our Installation service within 60 days ago, then please reopen the installation service ticket and confirm the access credentials and we will be glad to apply the updates for you free of cost.

Doubts or Questions? Feel free to open a support ticket with us! Your business is important to us and we will help you in whatever it takes for your success.

Best regards,
Marco Ferraro
CEO & Founder
Group Informática Ferraro S.L.U.

Monday, 13 January, 2020

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