LogicBoxes Compatible Domain Registrar Module

Manage, Create and Delete DNSSEC Records!

Fully featured Domain Registrar Module with support for all gTLD's and ccTLD's offered by all LogicBoxes Registrar.

Fully compliant with LogicBoxes Registrar requirements for Domain Register and Transfer, including IDN Support, Domain Suggestion, new gTLD Premium and Afternic Premium Domain selling, DNSSEC Support and much more, seamlessly integrated into WHMCS.

Fully compatible with all standard domain management interfaces from WHMCS such as dns, email forwarding, register nameserver, domain contact and fully compatible with all Resellerclub Mods Management Interfaces, Addons and Modules

The L.C.D.Registrar Module can be used for all LogicBoxes Registrars and comes prepared with the 4 standard LogicBoxes Registrars ResellerClub, NetEarthOne, Resell.biz (Stargate) and ResellerCamp.

Registrar Module Key Features

  • DNSSEC Support with an easy to use Client Area Management Interface
  • Enable/Disable GDPR Domain Contact Protection from Admin and Client Area
  • Resend Email for RAA / IRTP Verification and GDPR Authorization from Admin and Client Area
  • Change "Active" domain status to "Transferred Away" once the domain transfer has been completed at the registrar (domain sync and manual sync)
  • Automated domain restore in redemption period
  • Full support for selling new gTLD premium domains
  • Pro-rata charge for domain addons
  • Domain Register Pre GA Support
  • Suggest Domains in domainchecker and shopping cart
  • Selling Afternic Premium Domains with Premium Domain lookup shopping cart
  • Automated language handling with fallback to english if selected language does not exist
  • Language Override ready
  • Multilingual Support with english and spanish translations. You can add your own languages by simply translating the main English file
  • Extended Domain Status Information Section in Admin Area
  • Domain Registrar Modules for ResellerClub, NetEarthOne, Resell.biz and Resellercamp
  • 100% Support for ALL gTLD's and ccTLD's offered by LogicBoxes Registrars
  • 100% IDN Support
  • additionaldomainfields.php included with correct format for LogicBoxes Registrars
  • Support for ccTLD Domain Transfer with additional domain fields
  • Support for reg-c, admin-c, tech-c and bill-c Contact Management with IDN Support, admin and client area
  • Support for Dns Management with IDN Support in client area
  • Support for Register Nameservers with IDN Support in client area
  • Support for Email forwarding with IDN Support in client area
  • Support for Domainsync and Transfersync
  • Support for Module log
  • Module Commands: Register, Transfer, Renew, Modify Contact Details, Get EPP Code, Request Delete, Release Domain, Cancel Transfer, Resend Transfer Approval Mail, Domain Sync, Suspend, Unsuspend, RAA Resend Email, Reseller Lock/Unlock and Restore Domain
  • Compatible with FREE Tools, RAMDI, RAMEI and REMDI.

Registrar Module related Screenshots